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012414_1618_TOBEFAMOUSI1.pngTo stay famous, celebrities need to change their look. Justin Bieber may have started as a sweet, little Canadian hoser singing in his bathroom but he has transformed into the duchiest of all douchebags! Thanks Usher! The Biebs was arrested in the wee hours of January 23, 2014 in Miami when he was caught drag racing his Lamborghini and if that wasn’t enough, he was thrown in the slammer on suspicion of DUI as well, since he admitted to smoking pot and consuming alcohol and prescription pills.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio only focuses on the bad/Southern American border because the good/Northern border spat out our little Biebs, (and Pam Anderson’s big, fake, used Juggies). Mexicans can only maintain your landscape, Biebs can piss his initials in your front yard, egg your home and terrorize your kids while driving 100 miles an hour through your neighborhood. Screw oil from Iraq, we have the Biebs from Canada! 

Justin Bieber

Biebs will eventually morph into the Drag Queen Dennis Rodman. Out of the closet, tattooed from head to toe, pierced, burnt out, starting a war with North Korea and in rehab. The Biebs proves that even if your music sucks, you need to Belieb and transform into the biggest douche in all douchebaggery. TO BE FAMOUS…I need Usher to sign me, transform into a douchebag and have 50 million DLiebers.

Stay tuned for more great transformations as we study celebrities and how….TO BE FAMOUS!


Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon went “swimming” in Hawaii and photos of the white trash playing white trash tonsil jockey went viral. Sure Rick’s johnson also went “viral” but look at all the attention he is getting.


So will Pammy “swim” with you? Hell yeah! Since Baywatch, that’s really all our tattooed, silicone burn-out has done. She has slept with everyone. Pam will not only keep you in the spotlight, but she’ll put you in the clinic as well. Just look at
David Spade, Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Bret Michaels, Arsenio Hall, Kid Rock, Fred Durst, Stephen Dorff……..it would be easier to tell you who our porno queen hasn’t slept with.


So if you want to be famous, as I do, swimming will keep you irrelevant, but swimming with Pam Anderson……FAMOUS! Sure you can be a Killer-Whale trainer at SeaWorld and spare yourself the STD’s and Hepatitis C.

Not only will Pam Anderson make you famous, but you will be lucky enough to be the 1/4 who have herpes! You and your new-found fame will now be VIRAL!