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I have been in many scandals and still can’t break 800 Twitter followers. To be famous…I need to start a scandal with a celebrity. It’s simple. Apparently I don’t need to audition all day long with no call backs and wait tables all night for years trying to get noticed. All I need is to land a nanny or house keeping gig with a celebrity.

Mildred Patricia Baena who? Add a little Arnold Schwarzenegger, a love child and BAM! The whole world knows Mildred. According to Arnold, “She vacuumed the floors by day, and sucked harder than a Hoover by night”. I will make an excellent baby madre!

Maybe I don’t want to be a nanny or house keeper? I may take the old fashioned route to stardom like Brittany Kerr. Strike out on American Idol, get caught cheating with a married country singer and get a reality show. Brittany was known by a few people until the public scandal in a Los Angeles bar with country singer Jason Aldean. Now she is being sought after by cable networks who want to capitalize on her new found fame by giving her a reality show.

So the next time Tiger Woods is in town, I’m going golfing. I will wear a blue dress for Bill Clinton. I am currently tracking Kobe Bryant’s travel itinerary-hotel love fest equals fame. All are very scandalous and are sure fire ways TO BE FAMOUS!