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Kimye has graced the front cover of vogue to display Hollywood love that we have not seen since Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler in GONE WITH THE WIND. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a Damn” is a popular quote from Rhett Butler but does it really compare to the Hallmark quotes of Kanye? “I don’t know what’s better, gettn’ laid or gettn’ paid”, thanks Kanye, that Kim K is one lucky bitch.

Speaking of Hallmark moments: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinski”, thanks Bill Clinton. One of my favorites: “Twist, you guys wasn’t gettin’ paid to leave the dogs babysittin’ the sheep while you stem the rose”, thanks BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.

Speaking of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN…James Franco and Seth Rogan need a tent of their own. These two flamers keep hiding their rainbow behind “spoofs” when they are actually more in love than Kimye.

Americans love public displays of Hollywood love. It influences all aspects of our lives. I always roll the last meatball to my bitch, sorry, date. Rhianna loves herself with selfies and Chris Brown loves to beat her. I need to publically display love just like Kim K did with her sex tape. That is how…TO BE FAMOUS!


I have been in many scandals and still can’t break 800 Twitter followers. To be famous…I need to start a scandal with a celebrity. It’s simple. Apparently I don’t need to audition all day long with no call backs and wait tables all night for years trying to get noticed. All I need is to land a nanny or house keeping gig with a celebrity.

Mildred Patricia Baena who? Add a little Arnold Schwarzenegger, a love child and BAM! The whole world knows Mildred. According to Arnold, “She vacuumed the floors by day, and sucked harder than a Hoover by night”. I will make an excellent baby madre!

Maybe I don’t want to be a nanny or house keeper? I may take the old fashioned route to stardom like Brittany Kerr. Strike out on American Idol, get caught cheating with a married country singer and get a reality show. Brittany was known by a few people until the public scandal in a Los Angeles bar with country singer Jason Aldean. Now she is being sought after by cable networks who want to capitalize on her new found fame by giving her a reality show.

So the next time Tiger Woods is in town, I’m going golfing. I will wear a blue dress for Bill Clinton. I am currently tracking Kobe Bryant’s travel itinerary-hotel love fest equals fame. All are very scandalous and are sure fire ways TO BE FAMOUS!