Kimye has graced the front cover of vogue to display Hollywood love that we have not seen since Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler in GONE WITH THE WIND. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a Damn” is a popular quote from Rhett Butler but does it really compare to the Hallmark quotes of Kanye? “I don’t know what’s better, gettn’ laid or gettn’ paid”, thanks Kanye, that Kim K is one lucky bitch.

Speaking of Hallmark moments: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinski”, thanks Bill Clinton. One of my favorites: “Twist, you guys wasn’t gettin’ paid to leave the dogs babysittin’ the sheep while you stem the rose”, thanks BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.

Speaking of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN…James Franco and Seth Rogan need a tent of their own. These two flamers keep hiding their rainbow behind “spoofs” when they are actually more in love than Kimye.

Americans love public displays of Hollywood love. It influences all aspects of our lives. I always roll the last meatball to my bitch, sorry, date. Rhianna loves herself with selfies and Chris Brown loves to beat her. I need to publically display love just like Kim K did with her sex tape. That is how…TO BE FAMOUS!


  1. I too observe the mechanics of fame and I believe that I could achieve FAME if only I did a porn video and stopped shaving under my arms. Anna Wintour would call, and I’d be featured on the cover of Vogue too, in all my glory.

  2. Lindsay Lohan still has a few notches available on her bed post. Perhaps she can fit you in.

  3. So, is it love you have to find with someone already famous, or would you be able to mutually contract fame with someone else looking for it?

  4. So happy I found your blog, this is so funny and a completely accurate representation of how ridiculous hollywood is. Best of luck on your quest and I look forward to reading more from you!

  5. Lot of different kinds of fame . . . as in the K-ians. As with the latest thong-shot of Kim, fame hath its cost! Obviously you have a plan, and if I live long enough (I’m really old), perhaps I’ll catch you on the new Tonight or Late Night shows. Or, maybe you’ve already appeared but after I nodded off, my C-PAP droning noisily. Thanks for dropping by and reading a bit on my website.

  6. So, I got to thinking . . . over the last two months there has been a spate of videos of people with special needs getting to dress out for a basketball game (high school) and actually score a basket or two.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for special needs — of which I have a few myself. So, here’s a special needs disclaimer in advance. Or maybe it should be a sick-in-the-head disclaimer. The logical extreme of that particular kind of event is to take someone in a coma and on life-support, wheel them into a gym on a gurney dressed in the home team’s uniform, and let the other team members bounce basketballs off the person’s diaphragm until a basket is scored. That’ll get you fame, right?

  7. excellent post…update us on how the sex tape works out for you! 🙂

  8. Skip the sex and write a tell all book, magazine article, or blog. You really don’t have to know any real dirt, just claim you know someone who knows someone and insert one of your photosopped pics. It has worked for tabloids for centuries

  9. Now this is funny … thus will have to look around!

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