Dying to be famous? Meeeeee toooooooooo! Paul Walker is getting more attention and fame in death than in life. Why? Because he was a pop culture icon. He will be remembered for eternity as part of America’s greatest cultural achievement, Fast and Furious. HGTV’s co host of Curb Appeal, Bill Beckwith, recently crashed his motorcycle in San Francisco and died. Unfortunately, his show didn’t have enough naked babes, explosions and fast cars so; never heard of him. Now if the bachelor died…..he would be immortalized in American history books.


Great people are always remembered for their accomplishments. Leonardo da Vinci will be remembered as a Renaissance Man. Impressionism could not have taken place without the works of Manet, Monet and Van Gogh. Mankind will remember the culture, achievements and advancements of the 21st century through great people like Snookie, Kim K and the Bachelor. Screw Captain America, Paul Walker is the new American Hero and getting more ass than ever!
Terrorists, Obama Health Care, Fiscal Cliff and the “Bad” Korea, (North or South), not sure and I don’t really care because the 17th season of the Bachelor is underway. GAWD, I need to be the next bachelor, create a charity and DIE TO BE FAMOUS!


37 responses to “TO BE FAMOUS…I NEED TO DIE.

  1. We can get you a slot on th”The Batchelor”, but you will have to speak in a language that no other man has ever spoken in before.

  2. It’s happening because soulless studio execs have another sequel to sell, millions have been spent, Paul died in the middle of production and sadly, he died in a car accident. Just love that bottom-feeder industry!

  3. I have thoughts like this, too. Thanks for visiting my blog, especially since I’ve now discovered yours.

  4. I get the feeling your blog is awesome after having read this post. Hence I will click ‘follow’ ASAP. After that I’m gonna sit in a corner and cry over the fact I live in a world where a show like ‘The Bachelor’ can go on for 17 seasons.

  5. Blasted down and through for a first take….funny stuck…DIFFERENT Thank God!!! lol!!!

  6. we know that would be “stuff”….got stuck on funny 🙂

  7. But then you won’t be around to bask in the glow of it! 🙂

  8. I’m going to go in the corner and curl up into the fetal position after finding out that The Bachelor has been on for seventeen seasons.

  9. I don’t know. Dying sounds like a great deal, but is there any future in it?

  10. too funny. don’t die, though. you’re too funny. (well, don’t die until your body’s done working… suffering is ridiculously overrated.)

    thanks for visiting my blog,

  11. Rocky Balboa 4? Isn’t that Grudge Match?

    Thanks for stopping by our blog

  12. Hahaha, Daniel. Good luck with your career!

  13. Fame!really? Fools gold! 😉

  14. Great stuff and a good commentary on our society.

  15. Thanks for liking one of my poems. Your site is pretty cool.

  16. Don’t think you’d enjoy fame much if you were dead.

  17. I just quickly watched your YouTube video on students/careers and man, have you hit the nail on the head! Like so many who’ve graduated university I’m starting to ask, “what was the point?”. I could have saved myself over $30,000 of student debt! Gah!! Anyway, I can appreciate what you’re doing for students and please know that your direction for these kids is absolutely mandatory.
    sidenote – this post is hilariously true! I wish you luck on your journey of becoming famous and…uh…when you get there, don’t forget me! 🙂
    – Holly

    • Thank you for reading. I know it seems like “too late” on reaching your goals after you already have the student debt…. but NO WAY! Most people never realize what they want to do or who they want to be. They just go with wherever they land in life. Again, Thanks for reading and see you at the top! haha

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