To stay famous, celebrities need to change their look. Amanda Bynes, what in the hell happened?!? From Maxim Magazine in 2010 to Amanda “Coon Dawg” Bynes just a few years later, our little Nickelodeon Princess has had meltdown after meltdown. She has kept the media busier than a 3-legged cat trying to bury a turd on a marble floor.

Yes, our little druggy has tweeted psychotically for Drake to murder her lady parts, shaven her head, pierced her cheeks, earned DUI’s, wrecked her cars and was just arrested last night for smoking a bong in the lobby of her New York Apartment!! What an idiot? Yes but she is a famous idiot! Amanda has reached Train Wreck Status! Lindsay Lohan has trained you well. Willie Nelson would be proud. Way to stay in the spotlight and I can’t wait to see Amanda “Coon Dawg” Bynes in the next issue of Maxim.


Stay tuned for more great transformations as we study celebrities and how….TO BE FAMOUS!



  1. I’ll take O/D. Very Lohanesque

  2. Once a Cinderella….now a Cringer…ella.

  3. Poor girl. Maybe I’m glad I never “made it” as an actress. Look at what I could have turned into! I was gonna do the Anchorman thing, changed my mind at the last minute. How depressing to be “background filler” when I wanted the spotlight!

  4. But, butt, aren’t you afraid Coon Dawgs will sue you over that nickname?
    Just sayin’, Tay.

  5. Only Robert Downey Jr. has figured out how to become an icon after his scandalous run-ins with the law. These Lohans and Bynes’ really need to give him a jingle to learn how he did that. They will become extinct if they don’t figure it out.

  6. Outside of the cheesecake shot, which looks about as much like her as the “Coon Dawg” phase, these mousy little girl looks don’t usually translate into real woman beauty. It’s a shame though. I always dug her mousy little girl looks. — YUR.

  7. Fortunately, most of us don’t have the drug problem that would make any attempts to improve our looks a moot point. But most of us couldn’t afford the plastic surgery, personal trainer, and wardrobe makeover necessary to look 1/2 as good as the notoriously famous.

  8. Just like the canine dog she seems to age seven years for every human year.
    The trouble with being a celebrity substance abuser is that your insane ravings are heard by the entire world and not just people who have to walk past the front stoop of the YMCA.

  9. Hilarious!!!!

  10. Yep, the look goes from Bad to Worse.

  11. I’ve got a guy who can help you out. What’s your favourite flavour meth?

  12. I loved it! I totally clicked back for two reasons, 1. bc you liked one of my posts so by etiquette of blogger world I should BUT 2. the name of you blog peaked my curiosity from the word GO! Can’t wait to read more and oh, thanks for popping by!

  13. Ok you are seriously funny!! Thanks for following me. I never would have found you. 🙂

  14. Thanks for visiting. Out of curiosity how did you find my blog?

  15. Is that a photo of you from a police line up? LOL

  16. Madame Rashid

    You’re a funny guy. You should come to Egypt and lighten us up. We need a few laughs right about now. I’ll be visiting your blog for sure! Btw, I’ll be rutting for you to get famous.

  17. I’d rather be engaged to Lindsey Lohan than to come out of the closet.

  18. Adding you to my blogroll. good stuff!!!

  19. Love this blog!! Hysterical

  20. This is great! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Linda.

  21. Hey whyamisoawesomeandyousuck!! Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog. Good luck with your famous-ing. You are funny… that’s one step closer to fame, no? Cheers 🙂

  22. So sad. Like a train wreck. Couldn’t stop reading til I reached the end. Am thinking our Canadian boy, Justin, is walking a pretty fine line as I write this. YIKES!

  23. I would soooo behave myself once I’m famous. No peeing in garbage cans for me. Uh uh. 🙂

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