Jodi Arias



  1. Pisses me off man, switch the sexes on that one – had Jodi been a guy and did that to his girlfriend, he’d already be strapped to the table.

  2. If Jodi was better looking (but not in an arrogant or sexy way, more of an ‘I can’t help it’ type beauty) she would be free on bail and later found innocent due to her boyfriend forcing her into her actions. And where do we sign up to buy her art? If Manson’s crap paid off, her’s should be a money maker.
    And thanks for enjoying my post – Don’t Play With Judy, much appreciated.

    • Sound reasoning which is why our ebay art purchases should yield a good return. Unfortunately, Paris Hilton, a fellow “ugly duckling” of Jodi’s just got a record deal. It all defies logic and is why they are all famous.

  3. Why are you so awesome? (Because you obviously are.)

  4. We were in Arizona last year when her trial was going on. Awful. Awful woman too!

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