Let’s face it…for any celebrity to really be famous, you need a sex tape. Hulk Hogan was a faded ghost of a memory until his leaked sex tape. Sure we know Miss America and Miss Teen USA exists but we have no idea who they are. Melissa King, Miss Delaware Teen USA, was forced to give up her tiara but making amateur porn made her famous! Youporn has offered her $250,000 to make a porno, Charlie Sheen has offered to make King one of his goddesses and Woody Allen said Soon Yi is too old and needs a new “daughter”.


So in an attempt to be famous, Coon-Dawg is making his first sex tape, Coon-Dawg Style! You are in for a real treat as Coon-Dawg doesn’t want a sex tape with one of em’ nudie bar pole cats or even his toad squirrel, Starlene. Coon-Dawg loves largemouth bass with lipstick, literally.


13 responses to “TO BE FAMOUS…I NEED A SEX TAPE

  1. Hopefully it will preempt Paris Hilton’s

  2. Oh my…I think I shall have fun here:)

  3. I don’t think I should go nude to become famous, people could go blind if they see me naked and its not because I’m hot and sparkly. LOL

  4. Hilarious!!! Celebrities suck. They should have to give you 1/10,000 of their money because you are being robbed!

  5. This is all so helpful. I have always wanted to be famous, but have no skills, talents or even likable qualities. Now I am realizing that is exactly WHY I should be famous. I’ll fit right in. Now, to make that sex tape…

  6. of course, the lipstick )

  7. Sounds fishy to me.

  8. gospelofbarney

    Why be famous? I just want to be happy.

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