The smart and famous celebrities are always looking for ways to stay in the spotlight. From P. Diddy to Dan Aykroyd, celebrities are getting into the liquor business. Real Housewife, Bethenny Frankel, is famous for her liquor brand “Skinnygirl”. She invented and sold the “Skinnygirl” brand for millions. Chris Brown turned his talents of abuse towards some grapes, (guess they resembled Rihanna), and got into the wine business.

So here is my attempt to get out from underneath the warming lights and into the spotlight. This video is my first liquor commercial featuring “BEAN-R BEER®-It’s always fun and games until somebody gets pregnant”. The video features Uncle Pancho, Coon-Dawg and Daniel Lopez. Because we all love “BEAN-R BEER®” and we all want TO BE FAMOUS!



  1. You’re super talented, I wish you’d shoot some of my video ideas!! Plus you’re really funny.

  2. I would like to see an actual coon dog as the mascot for this beer, like the old Budweiser dog, Spuds McKenzie.

  3. I tried this with hard cider for a while, with the tag line: “The more you drink, the harder it gets.” The I started getting complaints about false claims from Impotent Anonymous and had to shut down. I like your idea — and tag line — better.

  4. You just liked one of my posts, and so I came here to look under your, um, covers. OK, I’m hooked. Besides, you have the best blog name ever.

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