To stay famous, celebrities need to change their look. MEGAN FOX is not a great American actress known for her dramatic abilities. She only got famous by showing her belly, butt, boobs and all other parts in multiple poses bending over everything in The Transformers.


I want to be valued. I am more than a pose. I am more than just an image or body parts.” –Megan Fox

Esquire Magazine recently interviewed our sex symbol and apparently, she wants to be taken seriously as an actor. “It all happened so fast being typecast in the sex symbol role. I felt powerless. I was an image. I was a……” I’m sorry. Did you say something Megan bootie-luscious? I was staring at all of your parts. Just like every teenage boy has you as a screensaver. Just like every middle-aged man puts you in his “Wank-Bank” for shower time. Now if you would please, Shut-it and Bend-it!

Megan will be taken seriously as an actor when Pamela Anderson wins an Oscar for Best Actress. Megan’s recent role as, you guessed it, a sex symbol in Judd Apatow’s This Is 40 is confirmation she has joined the ranks of Carmen Electra, Marilyn Monroe and David Hasselhoff. Megan stated in her Esquire interview, “I will embrace my sex symbol status and make it work for me.” Megan has seen more knives than Lance Burton’s assistant. Sex symbol transformation complete! The Megan “FOX-HOLES” Doll is proof that celebrities must change their look to stay awesome.


Stay tuned for more great transformations as we study celebrities and how….TO BE FAMOUS!



  1. Thanks so much for liking my blog!

  2. Wow, you really tell it like you see it! And Megan Fox, I guess, benefits from the “see.” Thanks for checking in with my blog. I hope I wasn’t too hard on Pattinson, but, hey, – uh, you said it with Megan- what can I say?

  3. Totally agree with you on Megan Fox, however, would argue vehemently that Marilyn Monroe does not belong in that group. She was quite talented in addition to her other assets.

  4. Of course there is a down side to enhancing one’s looks. If celebrities keep getting plastic surgery on their faces, all of them will start either looking like the traditional wooden puppet from The Twilight Zone, or “the traditional alien”.
    Even though Michael Jackson was the most talented man in the world to me and no one can compare(past nor at present), he actually WENT THERE. So, TO ALL OF YOU CELEBRITIES who love TO GO UNDER THE KNIFE, go ahead and look like that alien from Mac and Me.
    Just GO UGLY AS HELL, and lose your fans. Maybe someone’ll feel sorry for you and put you in a future Star Trek movie.

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  6. Hey there! Liking your blog and thanks in kind, for liking my “Omarosa” post.

  7. Marilyn Monroe was a great actress.

    And why do you want to be famous? It seems pretty awful to me.

  8. The key to being famous… I figure the key is to stop caring… If you just be you, without restriction something you do will get noticed and you will be famous

  9. In Britain, you don’t even have to be sexy to be famous. You just have to be a complete idiot who’d sell your own Nan down the river to get on TV. How much is your Nan?

  10. I like it. You’re funny 😛

  11. Thanks for dropping by my bog. I’m hopeless at figuring out how to “follow,” or I would follow yours. Plaudits to me for figuring out how to comment–or plaudits to your blog design. Enjoyed your blog.

  12. Dude, Monroe did not belong in a group with Carmen Electra and Hasselhoff. She actually became a decent actress, unlike those others. Great post.

  13. Oh Christ, that is funny. Thank you for helping to take down the narrsistic shallow sex culture that masquerades as Art. Even though it makes me feel useless to the discerning public because I am obsessed with Wiener behavior……wait, you know what I mean, I am an authority on Wieners….that is an expert Wiener handler. Oh crap, forget it.

  14. you can pretty much do anything and be forgiven. if you are famous. if not, you are screwed ) enjoy your blog and thanks for reading mine too – beth

  15. I hate to say this, but if I could cash in on MY looks, I wouldn’t be here now leaving this comment. Problem with all this eye-candy in the movies is that the acting is second rate, at best, and the movies are easily forgettable and usually a waste of my time top watch.

  16. Thanks for liking my blog.
    I used to look like one of the sexy girls–generous bust, trim waist, and firm butt. Then I grew old. It was a good thing I had some personality and brains to fall back on, or I would be a disaster about now. I try hard not to judge a person by their looks, but I know that’s what sells. I have a number of friends that are quite lovely indeed; whether it shows on the outside or not. Well, at least I did until they read my reply.
    I still enjoy looking at a fine male body. You’re never too old for that! 🙂
    Being sexy is not simply looks unless all you plan to do is be in still shots. Part of your sexiness comes from attitude, personality, and confidence. Jean Luc Picard was not that sexy looking, but his confidence could fill a room. That made him terribly sexy. Then again, maybe it’s me; I like bald men.

  17. I really don’t care if Megan Fox opens her mouth or not in a movie. Let’s face it, we all need just “eye candy” sometimes. If it’s a real story I’m looking for, I can always watch Robin Meade on HLN and get my eye candy and a good story at the same time. But don’t mind me, I’m a news junkie who has a thing for hot-looking anchorwomen! Just seems there’s something sexy about getting news reports about murder, mayhem and death from a gorgeous, sexy woman with a great smile and a wink in her eye!

    Funny blog!

  18. I swear that Megan doll looks like my fourth cousin, twice removed, three times evicted for lewd behavior. Her name is Betty Boop Charles. She’s from Tammywackett, Gerogia. I think she once appeared on that TV show, Cops.

  19. This doesn’t say much for the culture. You saying we have to change what we are and look like crazy people. (Sorry crazy people.) That proves my thinking: Big Bands wore suits, jumping ahead, became more actors than performers. Now the more greasepaint you smear, the more crazier dress you don, the more abuse you heap on your body, the better the masses love you.

  20. Her Majesty Megan Fox’s portrayal of Lady Macbeth is the most glorious I’ve ever seen, and is only outdone by the same esteemed actress’ incarnation as Cordelia in King Lear. She’s got more talent than you can shake a stick at. By the way, thanks for liking my most recent post. I sure done appreciate it.

  21. thank you for liking my blog

  22. Thanks for taking a look at my blog and liking my post on that “funny little dog”. I’m just starting out and trying to become useful with it. I wonder if that might help with becoming famous? Good luck with the fame thing, I hope you don’t have to be dead first 😉 That wouldn’t be much fun 😦

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