Kimye Bouquet
Kim is an inspiration to all Fame Whores.

Just make a sex tape and the world is yours.

No talent, No worries! You don’t need acting class.

Fame is popping out a titty or showing yo fat ass.

Wardrobe malfunctions, reality shows and annoying chatter.

Kimye is now pregnant and showing but the ass is STILL fatter.

Damn Hollywood and America for thinking you’re beauties.

Greasing every club door to squeeze in your big booties.

I hear you are moving to London, I hope all goes well.

Since you’ve banged the whole NBA and all the NFL.

Does London have ballers, rappers and the like.

Wait! A sex tape with Prince Harry Keeps you in the spotlight.


  1. Love this, but every time you say her name, another smart girl dies a little bit inside. (Talking about me) That whole family is gross, and a perfect example of the downfall of Amurricka.

  2. I want a famous blog like yours.

  3. I agree. Happy and Joyful = FRAUD !! hahahaha


  5. Maybe Kim is following soccer now? I hear it’s bigger over there. Soccer I mean…

  6. Too funny and bitter. Thanks for dropping by “Honey.” Am trying to find your “Home” tab…

  7. Lmao, just had a ‘so true’ moment when I read this

  8. Dude! This is awesome!

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