Just what is a train-wreck? It’s a celebrity who has gone off the deep end. When a celebrity screws up, we can’t stop watching.

We love to see the rich and famous get fat or go down in flames. It brings them down to our level. Let’s face it. With the exception of a few family members and maybe a friend or two, we love to see everyone fail. This is especially true for celebrities except, when they fail, it brings them more fame.

So here is my weekly installment of celebrities who have gained weight or “denied” their inner feelings.

Kirstie Alley: 

John Travolta:

So hopefully you enjoyed this week’s addition of train-wrecks. Remember, there is no shortage of train-wrecks out there so stay tuned and find out what it takes…TO BE FAMOUS!



  1. In Australia, to take down the celebrities in the media is known as “the Tall Poppy Syndrome” The minute you become a celebrity, the knives are out. Its strange, because people strive to be famous, while others are ready sharpening the knives. We love celebrity coming down to earth in a spectacular way, cause it does make us feel better about ourselves. I guess it just shows…they are human after all.

  2. I win, I’ve wanted to be famous since I was in my first film in 1977. And I’m still not, and it’s not right, it’s not right, it’s not fair. Who the hell can I sleep with to get a role now, anyway? I had too many ethics back then, I don’t anymore. Love your blog!!

  3. So, I’m getting the feeling–from the subtle subtext– could there be some small place inside you where you, just maybe, would like to be famous? Yes, I’m psychic like that. Thanks for the like on my blog.

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