Okay let’s face it, we all love famous people. We love to follow them on TMZ, People Magazine, E entertainment television and see what they are doing day by day, minute by minute. I want the riches, fame and lifestyle I see all of these people having. I’m sick and tired of siphoning gas for my 1980, primered, Monte Carlo. For the last decade I have tried comedy, acting or anything I could to get famous. Nothing is working. I’m not stopping.

How do these Assholes do it? I will tell you. They each have special talents and skills I have found essential to becoming a STAR! So Hollywood, here I come. Follow my blog and learn what skills are needed so you too can stop asking the question: “Why are you so AWESOME and I SUCK!”



  1. Three questions.

    One. Why do you consider fame to be equivalent to being awesome? Is you sucking based on a lack of fans? Or do you have traits that you believe make you inferior? (only in comparison?)

    Two. If you think you suck now, do you believe fame will change that? Is there an exact number of people who will have to like your Facebook page for you to suddenly not suck any more? If so, doesn’t that mean that you are at some point letting a single person determine whether you suck or not?

    Three. What would you do if you became ultra famous. At the point where you have reached your peak fame and then experience the slow decline into obscurity. Eventually you would have BEEN famous but nobody would know who you were any more. Would you think you suck then? Or would you say you don’t suck based on past fame? If so, how long do you believe you could maintain this attitude?

    I’m assuming this website is somewhat tongue in cheek, but there you go. I’m curious.

    • Cheer up dude! It’s a comedy blog. “Tongue in cheek”? Who says tongue in cheek? You can put your tongue in MY cheeks! As far as the answers you seek- only you can answer those. These questions represent your fears and obvious desires to become famous too. Don’t think too hard! Somebody WILL recognize you for your literary genius, but not for your sense of humor

  2. 1. I was trying to cheer YOU up.

    2. I don’t think you know what tongue-in-cheek means.

    3. Those questions do not represent a desire to become famous.

    4. Not thinking hard is an insult to consciousness.

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